Our Services

Planning, Architecture & 3D Building Visualizer.

We provide service start from planning, architecture, Building plan, 3D Building Visualizer until government approval Certified Fitness / building certificate of occupancy.


When comes to construction, our detailing start from material quality, workmanship quality, workmanship skill,  Removing Designing false and easy maintenance design.

All types of building Construction Work housing, shop-lots, warehouse, factory building. Excluding high rise building and bridge building. We do NOT do high-rise building and bridge building.

House Renovation, Shop-lot Renovation and factory Renovation.

House Improvement, Building Repairs, repair leakage, waterproofing, rewiring electrical, rewiring water pipe, anything related with building maintenance.

All types of renovation, demolition and reconstruction, remove old wall and reinstall new wall. re-positioning wall, wiring, plumbing, piping, repainting, waterproofing, restrengthening structure.

Property Video Advertising

Real Estate Advertisement video, Housing Project Advertisement video, House for sale Advertisement video, Shop for sale Advertisement video.

Property Agency

Linking Property Owner with Business Corporation Buyer or Corporate Tenant.